Emsculpt® is a body-contouring treatment that’s FDA-cleared and clinically proven to tighten and define muscle as it burns fat.

Ali Golshan, MD, is highly regarded for his impressive medical skill and expertise as a double board-certified interventional radiologist and vascular expert who specializes in nonsurgical vein treatment. He’s also well-known for his dedication to providing safe, effective, and medically sound care to patients at his busy practice, Beach Wellness MD, in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

Find out why Emsculpt meets Dr. Golshan’s exacting medical standards for body contouring.

What is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is an innovative device that uses advanced electromagnetic (EM) technology to effectively strengthen and tighten muscles, burn fat, and lift drooping skin in your abs and buttocks as you relax comfortably on an exam table. No incisions, injections, or sweat required.

How does Emsculpt work?

Effective for both women and men, the Emsculpt device delivers EM pulses that stimulate your muscle fibers to rapidly and repeatedly contract at the deepest levels. During a 30-minute session, this action delivers a “workout” that’s equivalent to performing 20,000 crunches or squats. It’s simply impossible to accomplish this level of effort on your own.

Emsculpt treatments also trigger your muscles to release fat burning chemicals in the targeted area, which continue to break down fat long after your session ends. For an extra bonus, sagging skin tightens as your newly toned muscles become stronger and more defined.

Is Emsculpt safe?

Emsculpt is FDA-cleared and considered a safe body contouring treatment method for your abs and buttocks.

However, Emsculpt is not for individuals who are pregnant, use a metal-based IUD, or have a pacemaker. It is quite effective, though, as a post-pregnancy treatment for strengthening and toning abdominal muscles weakened during pregnancy.

Before your initial session, Dr. Golshan sees you for an evaluation to help determine whether Emsculpt treatments can satisfy your body contouring goals. He’s happy to answer your questions about the treatments as well as the science behind Emsculpt.

What is an Emsculpt treatment like?

As you relax on an exam table, Dr. Goshan straps the Emsculpt attachment in place for a snug but comfortable fit over the targeted treatment area. The device can be placed on top of lightweight clothing or bare skin.

The EM pulses start on a low setting and, according to your tolerance, gradually increase in intensity throughout the session. Most patients report feeling a vibration or “buzz” as the device does its work. It’s unfamiliar initially, which may make it slightly uncomfortable until you get used to the sensation. But there is no pain or significant discomfort during an Emsculpt treatment.

An Emsculpt treatment session lasts 30 minutes and requires no downtime afterward, meaning you’re free to return to normal activities without worrying about redness or swelling in the targeted area. Your muscles will likely feel slightly sore the next day, about the same as you feel after a successful workout.

For more details about Emsculpt, schedule an evaluation with Dr. Golshan at Beach Wellness MD, today. Call our office or request an appointment online.

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