Jamie E. – Submitted 01/27/20

Dr. Golshan is AMAZING!! He is the best at what he does and genuinely cares for his patients! Couldn’t have asked for better results and a better experience! Very attentive and follow up is remarkable!

Madeleine S. – Submitted 01/07/20

Getting EmSculpt at Beach Wellness was a great experience. Ron was attentive and professional and put me at ease immediately. I would highly recommend Beach Wellness.

Tiffany T. – Submitted 01/05/20

Beach Wellness not only offers first in class technologies, but they do so in a bright and warm environment. You always know you’re in great hands with Dr. Golshan and his team! They treat you like family, and you will leave feeling great!

Trinity L. – Submitted 01/04/20

I used the em sculpt on my abs. I definitely noticed feeling stronger in my core and engaging it more to hold up my body. The muscle contractions are intense, but manageable if you breathe through them. Ron, the technician, was very attentive.

Spozhmi Z. – Submitted 12/13/19


Noah G.

Dr. Golshan is brilliant doctor. I started out as his patient, but he has become a friend. He deeply cares about his patients – the care doesn’t end at the office.

Jayne C.

Dr Golshan does amazing work. He is very down to Earth and truly cares for his patients. I suffered with pain for many many years and had multiple doctors tell me that nothing was wrong with me. The only conclusion they all came up with was that I needed to learn to deal with the pain. Then I met Dr Golshan. He informed me that I had pelvic congestion syndrome, and treated me for such. Finally, after over 10years of constant pain, I am now Pain Free. It is life changing, and I owe it to Dr Golshan. Thank you for all you have done Doctor!


Dr. Golshan is fantastic! He took his time to explain every step of my procedure, answered any and all questions, was easily accessible, and is thoughtful, kind and compassionate. He did a great job and I am grateful to finally have some relief from undesirable symptoms that have impacted my health for years. I would definitely recommend Dr. Golshan without any hesitation!

Irene H.

Dr. Golshan is the best. Always checks on his patients after surgery to make sure everything is going well. He goes that extra mile.

Michael W.

Came in for treatment of my varicose veins and Dr. Golshan and Ron were beyond helpful and accommodating. Dr Golshan is a well established and distinguished medical professional in his field and the service and treatment I received was reflective of that. He would check in and call often to make sure the treatment was going well. He makes the visits feel casual and not like a typical, dreadful visit to the doctor’s office. 5/5 – I would get varicose veins again just to visit Dr. Golshan and Ron.

Melody H. – Submitted 3/09/20

I just finished my treatments with Dr. Golshan. I had work done on my Varicose Veins. He was very professional and friendly. He took the time to answer all my questions and made sure I was comfortable with his explanations. When it came time for my procedures he kept me relaxed with his humor and fun personality. He is a perfectionists and made sure sure he took care of all me needs. I will keep going to him in the future.

Robert M. – Submitted 1/23/20

Calm, cool, collected. Outstanding staff. I have never felt so comfortable with a physician as I did with Dr. Golsen. If you suffer from this issue, you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t go see him.

Lawrence A. – Submitted 11/07/19

Dr Golshan is an exceptional physician who provides outstanding care and follow-up. He is highly knowledgeable and was available for any and all questions. One of the best physicians I have ever encountered.

Mona M. – Submitted 10/09/19

I was very satisfied with my visit. Dr Golshan and his staff were extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly. This was my first visit but It felt like I had known them forever. I’m definitely recommending my family and friends. I could not be any more satisfied.

Kino T.

Dr. Golshan you’re the best! Made it easy and comfortable for me. The results couldn’t have been any Better. Easy scheduling and he’s open on Saturday’s. I have a 9-5 Mon-friday job, I had my vericose vein procedures done on Saturday’s which made it easier for me. Dr. G is super friendly and makes you feel right at home. Thanks to Dr. G my vericose veins are completely gone.

Shelbi J.

Dr. Golshan is amazing! He is extremely thourough in his explainations of the whole process, making you feel extremely comfortable!! (I had no questions) I’ve had varicose veins for 10 years and they really bothered my aesthetically and physically. I’m one week post procedure and I’ve had INCREDIBLE results! I highly recommend Beach Wellness MD for all your vascular needs, Dr. Golshan will not dissapoint!