Spider Vein Treatment


We have two sets of veins in our body: 1) Deep veins, which are deep inside the body beneath the muscle 2) Superficial veins, which are just below the skin. Spider veins are branches of these superficial veins that appear discolored and look like spiderwebs or tiny branches. Unlike varicose veins, which are larger, spider veins do not bulge. Multiple conditions can cause spider veins including: abnormal veins and poorly functioning valves, trauma, sun exposure, and hormones. For some people, spider veins can be painful. If you have spider veins, you may or may not have underlying venous disease.

  • Spider veins are purple or red, typically smaller than 1mm
  • Extremely common condition
  • Most commonly appears on the legs
  • Affects people of all ages from teens to 90s+
  • More common in women than men


– Effectively shrinks unsightly spider veins
– Most procedures take just 10-15 minutes
– No sedation, anesthesia, surgery, or scars
– Minimal discomfort & minimal downtime


The treatment of venous disease often requires the treatment of primary abnormal veins and the subsequent treatment of the branches (varicose veins and spider veins). With the VANISH spider vein treatment, Dr. Golshan takes a dual-treatment approach to evaluate and treat both the source and the symptoms of spider veins to “remove” them by shrinking them and reducing their appearance.  In some spider vein cases, just the treatment of superficial branch spider veins may be sufficient without requiring prior treatment of a primary vein.


Used to treat the primary abnormal vein

  • Varithena is a brand name of injectable polidocanol foam medication.
  • A cooling, numbing spray is applied topically, then Varithena is injected into the primary vein using a very small needle.



Typically used to treat branch spider veins after the treatment of the primary abnormal vein. Can also be used as a standalone treatment without Varithena.

  • Liquid Sclerotherapy is an injection of liquid medication into the vein. A liquid polidocanol solution is custom-mixed for treatment.
  • A cooling, numbing spray is applied topically, then the polidocanol solution is injected into the branch spider veins using a tiny needle smaller than a strand of hair.
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