While no one wants unsightly and uncomfortable varicose veins, many people think that they are mostly benign and can’t cause problems beyond discomfort and aesthetic concerns. Untreated, however, varicose veins can grow worse and even lead to serious complications, including—in severe cases—rupture.

Symptoms of Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are caused by weakened or damaged valves in the veins that prevent proper circulation of blood back to the heart. Blood can accumulate in the damaged vein, causing it to bulge or become raised and swollen. They occur most commonly in the legs.

Symptoms commonly include:

  • Visibly twisted or bulging veins
  • Swollen legs or ankles
  • A feeling of “heaviness” in the legs
  • Discomfort or difficulty standing for long periods
  • Nighttime restlessness of the legs
  • Skin discoloration, itching, or dryness
  • Slow-healing wounds in the legs

How Can Varicose Veins Burst?

If left untreated, varicose veins have the potential to become severe, and even rupture. They can grow larger as blood pools, putting increasing pressure on vein walls, which can grow thinner from the strain. Weakened like this, they can rupture from even a minor trauma or scrape.


If a varicose vein is large in size, this can lead to a lot of blood loss. If the varicose vein bursts, but the surface of the skin doesn’t rupture, the vein can bleed into surrounding tissues. Ruptured veins occur most often in the lower leg and in the ankle.

Preventing Rupture and Serious Complications from Varicose Veins

If you have varicose veins, you’ll want to take measures to prevent serious complications, like rupture. To help manage varicose veins, you can make a number of lifestyle changes, such as:

  • Avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time, if possible
  • Exercise regularly
  • Reach a healthy body weight and eat a balanced, healthy diet
  • Wear compression stockings
  • Elevate legs and feet periodically

You can also have non-surgical treatments for varicose veins, like the ones offered at Beach Wellness MD. With these procedures, the immune system eliminates the sealed blood vessels and within a few weeks full results are visible.

What to Do if a Varicose Vein Bursts

Varicose veins should be treated before they are large enough that the risk of rupture is possible. In the event of a rupture, elevate the affected leg, apply pressure to try to stop the bleeding, and seek medical help immediately.

A burst varicose vein that has broken the skin can cause excessive blood loss, so it’s important to seek medical attention right away.

If a varicose vein has burst, you’ll receive care to stop any dangerous bleeding and then you’ll likely have ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy to repair the issue. In this procedure an ultrasound-guided needle is used treat the damaged vein using a medical foam.

Emergency treatment of a burst varicose vein is meant to address the immediate issue and stabilize your condition. Once you’re discharged from emergency care, you should seek follow-up care with a trusted vascular specialist like Dr. Ali Golshan at Beach Wellness MD. You’ll undergo a complete evaluation of your leg veins. The goal is to diagnose the underlying cause of your varicose veins, check for any other vascular problems, and develop a treatment plan to prevent future ruptures or other complications.

Consult a Varicose Vein Specialist!

To prevent severe complications, like rupture, from varicose veins, you should seek care from a trusted expert. Many times varicose veins can be efficiently managed with non-invasive or minimally-invasive procedures that can prevent them from becoming so large that they are at risk for rupture.

At Beach Wellness MD, we focus on improving your quality of life, which can be negatively affected by varicose veins. Ali Golshan, MD, is a leading vascular specialist at Beach Wellness MD. He emphasizes one-on-one treatment and designs personalized care plans for each patient.

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